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R & D

Quality Control System

NutriPharma insists that "Quality is the enterprise's life". As the first principle, we work strictly for the quality management. We ensure the quality by the control of in-process, not testing. In order to assure quality and maintain consistency, we strictly implement every stipulation of GMP during the whole production and an ongoing training program for our quality control. At the same time we establish the supplier-auditing system to control the content, heavy metals and pesticide. 

We have detailed records for the production process and quality of each batch of product. Additionally, we have established a strict sample system. As for the products we supply, it’s available to check the quality records from raw materials to final products within two years. 

Cooperating with famous universities and institutes, we established strong R&D team to keep us at the forefront of this industry, to develop innovative and customized ingredients to meet the market demand.

Works of R&D:

Assess safety of the ingredients

Select and evaluate the raw materials

Identify of the new ingredients

Develop new products and compound formulations with low pollution.

Produce new products sample in pilot manufacturing plant

Test finished ingredients

Research of applications and biovilability in food, supplement, cosmetic and pharmaceutical


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