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  • Apple Extract

Apple Extract

  • Apple Extract
  • Source: Malus pumila mill
  • Part Used: unripe fruitss
  • Specifications:
  • 1) Apple polyphenols 70-80%; Phlorizin 5-15%; Chlorogenic acid 10-15%;
  • 2) Apple polyphenols 80%; Phlorizin 5%; 
  • Applications: Health Food, Cosmetic, Beverage, Pharmaceuticals

Product Description

Apple extracts are natural blend of polyphenols, phloridzin and chlorogenic acid, with light red brown fine powder, completed soluble in water, and very stable. Every 1kg apple polyphenol is extracted from 500~600 baby green Fuji apples. It has a hint of apple aroma and good solubility toward water and ethanol. This product also has a very stable quality even to heat, acid and high adaptability to processing. Apple extracts is a potent scavenger of the hydroxyl radical, the most damaging type of free radicals in your body. Experiment from US Labs shows that the ORAC value of apple extract is 17455, much higher than the other plant extracts.


Apple extracts are being studied extensively in labs around the world for their health effects in major diseases. Clinical studies have shown that, in addition to its activity as a dietary antioxidant, increase the activity of SOD, GP (two vital intracellular free radical scavengers),and preventing allergic reactions. Apple extracts also have been widely used for weight lost; curing diabetes; hair loss( especially baldness and promoting hair growth) and increasing muscle strength.In addition, apple extract are announced to dramatically prevent and treat of:Apple extracts also have been announced to dramatically prevent and treat of: Cholesterol, Heart Disease; Prostate Health;  Asthma; Alzheimer's; Dermatitis; Breast Cancer; Colon Cancer; Lung Cancer; Prostate Cancer.


All the production process complies with the GMP standard strictly

Kosher, GMP certificated

Low ash, impurity, heavy metal, solvent residue and no pesticide residue

Water and ethanol as solvent, ensure the safety of the product

Complete product tracing system and technique support


Health food, beverage, dietary supplement, and cosmetic.


25kg per drum, aluminum bag inside with double layer plastic bags.

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