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  • Coenzyme NADP

Coenzyme NADP

  • The Chinese name of ADP+ is nicotinamide adenine dinucleoside phosphate, which is the oxidized form of reduced coenzyme II (NADPH), which means that it loses an electron and carries a positive charge.
  • Chinese name
  • Nicotinamide adenine dinucleoside phosphate
  • English name
  • NADP+
  • NADP+
  • NAD+ and NADP+ are mainly used as coenzymes of dehydrogenases, which act as hydrogen donors in enzymatic reactions and are single hydrogen donors.
  • NADPH is reduced by NADP+ and H2O under light conditions during the photolysis of water in the photoreaction stage of photosynthesis. After NADPH, it acts as a reducing agent in the dark reaction.
  • NADP+ and ADP are reduced to NADPH and ATP in the light reaction, then enter the dark reaction (Calvin cycle), and then are oxidized to ADP and NADP+ in the dark reaction, and re-enter the light reaction, forming a cycle. See photosynthesis for details.

The Chinese name of ADP+ is nicotinamide adenine dinucleoside phosphate, which is the oxidized form of reduced coenzyme II (NADPH), which means that it loses an electron and carries a positive charge.

Chinese name

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleoside phosphate

English name



NAD+ and NADP+ are mainly used as coenzymes of dehydrogenases, which act as hydrogen donors in enzymatic reactions and are single hydrogen donors.

NADPH is reduced by NADP+ and H2O under light conditions during the photolysis of water in the photoreaction stage of photosynthesis. After NADPH, it acts as a reducing agent in the dark reaction.

NADP+ and ADP are reduced to NADPH and ATP in the light reaction, then enter the dark reaction (Calvin cycle), and then are oxidized to ADP and NADP+ in the dark reaction, and re-enter the light reaction, forming a cycle. See photosynthesis for details.


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